Monday, December 26, 2005

A Team to Celebrate

Over the weekend I got a chance to re-unite with my cricket team and share some good moments. Ofcourse it was my treat - returning from onsite. After coming back from US, I have not yet started playing cricket again and was contemplating keeping it that way. I have played cricket through my college and for over 3 years here and even captained the side but now I feel like concentrating on other things that I am passionate about.

My teammates affectionately call me “capi”, which I really like because on one hand that acknowledges my being the leader; on the other it is informal enough that it does not differentiate me from the team. Well!! Things have changed and I would no longer captain right away but I have a feeling that I am still their “capi”; so they tell me. Everyone on the team is like a brother to me and we share excellent camaraderie. We have had our good moments and some bad ones but the journey has been a memorable one. Something that I will cherish for life. I almost feel like getting back on the field right away but have decided to stay away until my applications are done. Sports, cricket in particular have taught me so much about team work and leadership that I could not keep this off my essays. Though I have enough instances to quote off work and tried to keep those, there are mentions of where I got my leadership style from and why I believe in team work. Getting back to the team, we had an amazing run last year and achieved whatever we dreamed of. All made possible through excellent team work and support for one another. On top of that it was such an enjoyable experience.

Well, looks like I’ll be on the ground pretty soon but now its time to concentrate on my future.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2 a.m.

I get in from work at 2 a.m.
And sit down with a beer
turn on late night TV
And then wonder why I'm here
It's meaningless and trivial
And it washes over me
And once again I wonder
Is this all there is for me

I don’t have much to say about the last few days expect for that I am exhausted. I have been staying at work till 1-2 am and reaching home later 2-3 am (accepted - that I come late to Office) and at the same time trying to get up early to make some progress on the application front. In between all this stress and mess, I managed to complete and submit my Tepper Application. I have started with Duke and Wharton Simultaneously.

Overall I am finding the essays easier to write as I already have some practice and had put good thought into selecting the schools. It’s not hard to justify my fit and reasons for pursuing an MBA at any one of these schools. I have my own preference and favorite if it so happens that I get into more than one.

Meanwhile I was also trying to follow the WTO negotiations and these are some stories, I liked from couple of days back

WTO 'star' talks tough

Especially Like this comment from our “Trade and Commerce minister” Mr. Kamal Nath”
"What these countries are asking is -- 'If we don't do what we shouldn't be doing, what will you pay us for it?'

U.S. under attack at trade talks

Need to catch some sleep if possible but looks unlikely that I would have a good one anytime soon.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Home Sweet Home!!

I reached home safely and am enjoying the beautiful weather in Bangalore. It’s been a comfortable 20-25 oC all week, compared to -10 oC at Minneapolis. I had a great flight and in the final leg couldn’t help but notice the excellent service on Indian domestic flights compared to American. India is not well known for the quality of service but the state of airline industry in US should explain the discrepancy.

I got enough time to pack all the gifts I got for my family and relatives and most of my stuff while still limiting my check-in luggage to 50 pounds per bag. I left my three closest friends ‘Thank you’ notes with memorabilia for their help and thanked them for their wonderful friendship. Their support throughout my stay made life so easy for me and their friendship made this trip an enjoyable one. I heard somewhere that if while going to bed you can think 5 friends you can count on, you should consider yourself really lucky. I know I do.

Anyways, I showed up at work the very next day and enjoyed meeting colleagues and friends and sharing my experiences. Chocolates and news from onsite kept everybody happy. The cricket team is very keen to have me back but I am not sure if I would play anymore.

I am still coming to terms with the crowd, the chaotic traffic and pollution. The food, friends and family keep me smiling 24/7 though. Our HQ is now a city in itself (not that it wasn’t when I left). 13,000 people 42 buildings 80 acres and I haven’t seen all of it yet. When I started working for Infosys at Bangalore we had 18 buildings with number 19, 20, 21 being constructed and that was just three and half years back. The office doesn’t seize to amaze you every day you are there and it was no different this time around.

More on the Applications in my next post.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mama I'm coming Home

Yes. I am going back to India and that too this weekend. I knew this a month back but chose to post it now. My mom and dad were ecstatic when I told them, couple of weeks back. Friends here weren't too thrilled. Looking back, the past 7-8 months were great, both personally and professionally and I had a wonderful time. Learned so many things did so many more.

I will be back soon but when and for what remains to be seen. Hopefully it would be for a MBA.

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go.
Tickets are booked, I fly tomorrow.

Monday, November 21, 2005

San Francisco Trip

Wonderful, amazing, spectacular, fabulous…. I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this unique and diverse city. San Francisco, spread across a large area and a hilly landscape, is a very trendy city and a blend of diverse cultures. The wonderful weather combined with many tourist attractions and innumerable employment opportunities make it not only a good tourist hotspot but also a great, albeit expensive, city to live in.

SFO - Sailor's view Posted by Picasa

My trip started with me and a friend catching the 8:35 PM flight from Minneapolis on Thursday night, the 17th. Arriving at SFO the first thing that brought a smile to our face was the late evening temperature of 60F. Pretty soon we were home at our relatives place and in bed for a good nights sleep.

Day 1

As expected we did not get up early and took our time getting ready. I also had my first look of my 10 day old nephew and even managed to hold the tiny little baby for some time. By noon we were of to SFO with the first stop being Pier 39 to catch a ferry to ‘Alcatraz’ or a ‘Bay cruise’. It turned out to be the latter as we missed the last trip to Alcatraz for the day. However the Bay cruise did not disappoint as we were taken under the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’, around the Alcatraz Island and shown the San Francisco coastline, bay bridge and the bay area. The sea wind was refreshing and an hour on the cruise truly relaxing.

Classic Golden Gate view Posted by Picasa

Alcatraz Posted by Picasa

Next up we headed up to ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ to get a closer look at the incredible structure. Standing on the bridge gave us an idea of how big it really was. After spending sometime on the bridge we headed back to SFO downtown and my friend and I were so thrilled to see the busy streets like the ones back home. We also drove through crookedest Street in the world. Then it was time to head home.

Golden Gate Posted by Picasa

Day 2

Another good night sleep and I was ready for another day of travel. With my friend bailing out, I decided to go in on my own and caught a ‘Caltrain’ to SFO which took over an hour. Not that the train is slow, the distance from my place was over 40 miles. I reached King and 4th street and after exploring the area briefly I caught a ‘Muni’ to Fisherman’s Wharf. ‘Muni’ is an electric bus that they have here – quite unique it is a combination of a Bus and tram moves on rails. The ride took me through the lot of interesting places in the downtown area which me a glimpse of life at SFO. After the enjoyable ride I roamed around the Fisherman’s wharf area and to pier 39 which were lined with souvenir shops.

Fisherman's Wharf Posted by Picasa

Meanwhile my friend had decided that he would join me at this point I had to handg around had a great time exploring the area and even got myself some lunch. Once we met, next on our agenda was the ‘Cable car’ ride. The steeply inclined streets made for an exciting ride, especially with me and my friend hanging from side of the cable car. I managed to get some good snaps.

Cable car view Posted by Picasa

The last stop was somewhere on Powell street and from there we were exploring the down town area street by street. Among other interesting things, we saw a line wait at a new H&M store. Having never heard of H&M before, I was surprised to see a line wait at a store and only next day did I learn from the papers ‘what the fuss was all about’. I would recommend to anyone visiting SFO to go around and walk the streets to get a real feel of the life here. After sometime spent pub hunting, we decided to head back as we couldn’t find one to our liking.

Day 3

We started earlier than the previous two days and headed for Santa Cruz to the ‘Mystery point’. As far as I could tell it seemed like an optical illusion with surroundings exaggerating the inclination effect of the slope. After taking a not so impressive guided tour, we headed to Pebble beach. We took a scenic 17-mile drive around the famous or the hallowed Pebble beach golf course. The drive had many view points, picnic points and beaches. Got a good look at the Pacific Ocean and even felt its cold water. The drive was a good way to conclude our trip.

Scenic drive - Viewpoint Posted by Picasa

Pebble beach Posted by Picasa

Ghost Tree Posted by Picasa

We caught the flight back to Minneapolis in the night and were home next morning. On the flight, as we were taking off from SFO my friend brought my attention to night time view of SFO and I remarked ‘That epitomizes my view of San Francisco - beautiful and radiant’

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Simple pleasures in Life

Yesterday I saw my first snowfall. I was outside, getting back from work when it started raining and slowly the rain drops got lighter and I could see a few snow flakes floating around. I was overjoyed at this beautiful sight. By the time I reached home we were having a full fledged snowfall. It was not the cold weather or the chilly winds that grabbed my attention but the small white flakes floating down ever so gently to the earth. Past few days it has been getting dark around 4 pm but yesterday evening we witnessed a bright glow from the reflection of the snow that accumulated on the ground. I was thrilled, excited and felt so relaxed and happy at the sight and its amazing how such a simple natural event can bring a smile to our face.

Past few weeks have been tough for me. Not everything is working out as I planned and few things have taken a drastic turn for the worst. Some events that occurred at work which I cannot talk about here have left me disturbed and restless. Added to the immense work load and pressure at work and the demanding B-school application process, things have been tough. But it is amazing how a beautiful sight can lift your spirits and make your problems go away. These are the things that make life such a wonderful journey. Enjoy it while you can.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kellogg Interview

With Kellogg interview done yesterday, I have now completed my Kellogg application. According to the Kellogg website, the admission decisions would be mailed by 16th January. I am not sure if I would come to know the result before or only on 16th. Either way its early enough.

Here is gist of the Interview.

The interview was very informal and it went great. The interviewer gave an overview on the Alumni interview process and I felt comfortable from the very start. We started with introductions and covered some standard questions. Every once in a while interviewer probed or asked for clarification. I was pretty happy on the topics covered and the fact that I was able to project the qualities I wanted to. The discussion was broad based but driven by the interviewer. Some of my answers were unnecessarily wordy but I acknowledged from the start that verbal and written communication were two primary areas that I need to work at. I did leave an impression that I was very enthusiastic about my goals and pursuing a MBA at Kellogg. Also, that I possessed good management and leadership qualities. I was able to project myself as proactive and someone who takes initiative to achieve things and is looking to make an Impact. However, I think I left her concerned over my ability to work in teams. My examples were leaning a bit towards my achievements and how I led the team etc and even though I did site instances to substantiate my ability to work in teams, this might not have made the impact I desired.

I must acknowledge the fact that the interviewer made me feel very comfortable and directed the interview really well and I never felt nervous.
I was very pleased with performance and demeanor at the Interview but I suppose that a great interview is the minimum expected of an applicant to a top Business School in the world.

Overall, I think I have done a great job with my Kellogg Application. Whether I get in or not is altogether different matter. The application process is very competitive and there are many applicants who could be more worthy or better 'fit' than me.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kellogg Application - Done

I completed and submitted my Kellogg Application this week, 3 days before the deadline for Round 1. After 15-20 reviews my essays were looking quite polished, resume wasn’t bad either. I do bring out a complete story through my essays and highlight different skills that I consider important. Overall my application looks reasonable strong. Time will tell. I try to put in my best effort and don’t worry too much about results. I still have the interview pending and that should be done in a couple of weeks.

Based on this experience, I hope that the following applications would be stronger. The Kellogg application has taken a lot out of me and taking into account the work pressure, I am considering reducing the number of schools to 4. Four excellent applications are lot better than 5 good ones. Application process is very competitive and you pay a heavy price for being anything less than extra-ordinary.

I have started my ‘Tepper’ Application and the deadline is less than a month from now!!
So Lets get the Application started!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Application process – Update

Needless to say, I have been very busy with the application process. My Kellogg application is almost complete. Essays and resume need final edits and review before I can submit them. Both my recommenders have submitted their recommendations. Today I received a mail with my alumni interview contact. I would probably look to complete and submit my application this week and contact my alumni interviewer next week.

Kellogg apart, I haven’t started any other applications and would definitely need to kick off the next one this weekend.

I had also been to Chicago GSB info session and it was good, though not as good as Harvard. There was more focus on the opportunities available after MBA from Chicago GSB. Again the best part was questions and answers with alumni. I did not stay back for the chat later on.

I don’t have Chicago on my list as don’t consider it a good fit for me and my goals. Unlike what happened at HBS info session, my impressions were reiterated during Chicago GSB info session.

Next one on the list is Duke. Look forward to a detail update on that.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Harvard Business School - Information session

I had been to HBS info session on September 12th and it was a great experience. Harvard was on my radar as a potential school but didn’t figure on my final list. I figured based on my research that it was not as a good a fit as compared to others I had on my list. I was hoping that I could get some of the issues I had addressed at this forum.

Here are notes from the session

  • Session started with a presentation, a good one, something that one would come to expect that from a leading business school.
  • Presentation stated HBS’s mission statement, which I overlooked in my prior research and was surprised to see how much that aligned with my personal mission statement
  • Presenter talked about HBS’s focus on leadership and finding leaders.
  • There was some stress on the case-method and how students contribute to overall learning.
  • Presentation also touched on other aspects of Harvard but they didn’t really stand out.
  • This was followed by a video which was interesting but not spectacular
  • Next was a Q & A with alumni. They were seated in front of all potential applicants, much like a press conference.
  • Many questions were asked about the life at HBS, curriculum, studies, co-curricular activities, requirements etc. Alumni answered questions well and gave good insight on what they had learnt at Harvard. There were some anecdotes quoted. They finished by giving some tips on application and they concentrated on focusing on goals, fit to the school and the overall story.
  • After that we were able to mingle and chat with alumni and this was the most beneficial part for me. I got clarity on how HBS could help me achieve my career goals and how MBA at HBS aligned with what I was looking for.

Overall I thought that the info session was very useful and really helped gain a better understanding of what HBS was all about. I also dispelled lot of my doubts and preconceived notions about the school. HBS Info session is must attend for anyone considering applying to Ivy League schools for a MBA.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kellogg Application - Checkpoint -1

My Progress on Kellogg Application

Obtained transcripts
Registered and opened Application – Started Part I
GMAT (700, Q50 V34, AWA 4.0)
TOEFL (287 R-30, W-26- Essay 4.5, S-30)
Recommendations – Write-ups sent, Registered recommenders, Discussed with one.
Resume – Template finalized, first draft not complete
Essays – 1st draft of 1st essay done. Total of 6 required.

To Do
Complete Essays
Complete Resume
Mail Transcripts
Get recommendations
Pay Application Fees
Other tasks – About 10% of total application effort.

Overall Status
Kellogg Application 10% complete.
40 days to go for Round -1 deadline

Yeah I know, I got lots to do and am falling behind on the process. I was down with fever this weekend and was really busy over the week; hence the delays. I am also finding it very difficult to write the initial draft of my essays. I have a good idea of what I what to convey but am finding difficulty in expressing it.

As result of the fever I couldn’t step out of the house at all. Was in bed most of the time and watched lots of movies. There was one I really liked – “In America” – it’s a drama – very emotionally charged and it can make you cry!! The movie is very well directed, has a good cast, superb acting and a good story. I think it’s based on a real life story. I would really recommend seeing this i.e. if you enjoy romantic drama kind of movies. Personally, I like movies with good stories and this was definitely one of them.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekend

And a Long Weekend it was.
After our Las Vegas trip got cancelled, I was wondering what I would do these 3 days. I was falling behind on my applications, so that was top of the agenda.
Before I took up the actual essay questions, I decided that I would write drafts for some standard questions faced by a B-school applicant Like Why MBA, Why now, Career goals, Career progress to date. This apart, I also worked on the write-ups for my recommenders. I put in details such as the schools I am applying to, reasons for pursuing an MBA, reasons for choosing schools I did, my career path and career goals and details about that, long term goals. Also focused some attention on the application process and things that recommender needs to do and what is expected of a recommendation. Hope all this leads to me getting a good recommendation. I have put in a lot of effort into this.

All this work apart, I did have a bit of fun. If I was slogging in the daytime, I was partying all night long. We did visit few different clubs here and that too 3 days in a row. I took my Digi-cam and got some great pictures. Me and my pal got tattoos too, but they are the temporary ones!!

Weekends over, but I am looking forward to another hectic but short work week.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Based on my GMAT experience, here are some tips

Preparation time – This varies from person to person. If you can spend lot of time on preparation then 2 months should be sufficient. Else 3-4 months should suffice. It’s a good idea to start earlier and have look at the questions, lessons and GMAT structure and gradually pick up steam to reach your peak on the GMAT day.

Material- OG is a must combined with either Kaplan or Princeton. You can use the lessons and strategies from Kaplan and practice OG questions. I used Kaplan and the lessons were really helpful

By section

Quantitative – The quantitative skills tested on GMAT are pretty basic. Most of the Math required is already taught in school curriculum and requires simple formulas. Solve each question and then look at the answers. Books do recommend you to use elimination and other techniques to save time. However, I think anyone from India or engineering background should be able to solve each and every problem with time to spare. If you are reasonably good in Math, only place you can lose points is data sufficiency. Sometimes you see a question, assume something and jump to conclusion. You can go wrong there. For example there might be 2 linear equations and you have been asked if to find value of one variable. It might seem that you can use both equations to get a unique solution but if you look carefully, both equations might reduce to similar forms.

If you not that strong quantitatively, start your preparation early and read all reference material on math once or twice then practice lots of questions from OG. Lessons are not as important as Math reference if you slightly weaker in this section. If you get your basics right you can easily do well in this section.

Verbal – I had a notion that your verbal score is totally based on verbal skills that you have developed over the years and it is not possible to improve it significantly. By the time I wrote GMAT I knew this was not the case. GMAT verbal follows specific patterns and answers are arrived at following certain rules. Of course your score depends on your verbal abilities but you can improve them significantly. That’s where I missed out.

First thing is to make sure that you take the lessons for each of the 3 sub-sections. Kaplan lessons are great. Take them more than once till you remember all the points mentioned on the lessons.

Sentence correction – From lessons you will find that there are only few variations of grammatical mistakes tested on the GMAT. Lessons takes you through each of them and there tells you how to spot them. Keep that in mind and apply them without exception while practicing questions. Make sure to practice enough, such that spotting errors comes naturally. Finding the correct answer from here on should not be difficult.

Reading Comprehension – Again, lessons help a lot. When you read that passage make sure to think critically and question ‘so what’s the point, what does the author want to convey’ this way you would understand what the author is trying to Imply and get the context and scope. Most RC questions on GMAT are based on these. Also for some questions, wrong answer choice might look more in scope and context of the actual passage i.e. by directly referring material in the passage. If you question these choices by ‘Is this really what author wanted to convey?” you can find flaws in these choices.

Critical reasoning – For this read the question before the text so that you know what you are looking for. You need to concentrate hard and spend some time on these questions.

Overall, the 3 most important factors that determine your final score are – Focus, hard work and self-belief.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

TOEFL - Done!

I completed my TOEFL a short while back and as expected it was pretty simple. The writing section (Essay) is yet to be evaluated so my tentative scores are in the range 240-297. I hope I get 290+. It will help offset my GMAT verbal to some extent. I am still awaiting my AWA scores from GMAT hoping I get a decent score there as well.

I was looking forward to a relaxed evening when I happened to check the voice message on my cell to learn that there was package for me from India to be delivered by carrier (sorry can't name) and they have the wrong address. This is definitely the transcript package that they are talking about and I can't afford it being misplaced. They left me a voice message but apparently the tracking number was incorrect. I have been on phone last hour or so trying to find the package. Looks like I’ll have to call home and get additional information.

Coming to the Application essays front, I just had a look at Kellogg essays and am beginning to understand what my fellow bloggers mean by 'Essays are the toughest part'. There are 3 mandatory and 3 optional essays for Kellogg and I am not sure which ones to write and what to put in them. I have a pretty good idea about the 'why MBA', 'why now', 'career goals' part. Others, I'll have to give some thought. I have mailed two of my favorite bloggers (Students, not Applicants) for some advice (you know who you are).

Next few weeks should be interesting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thank you

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, suggestions and comments. All of you have been very forthcoming in responding to my queries. Some of you have been visiting my blog regularly and offering comments and suggestions that have proved so useful. I am convinced that I wouldn’t have made it to 700 without your help. So Thank you ALL!!

Even though I am a bit disappointed, and evidently my disappointment was quite visible through my previous blog post, I am not going to write GMAT again for this year’s application process. 700 is a good score and I know that. Things didn’t work as well as I had planned and I’ll try my best to work around that.

My TOEFL is on 24th and I have just started my preparations. I have also started reading ‘How to get into Top MBA programs’ by Richard Montauk. Seems like a good book and is also highly recommended. Let’s see how things go.

I hope that I can be of some help for others too, so if you have a question that you think I can answer, feel free to mail me. My mail id is on the left column.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Its done!!

Wrote GMAT today and got 700 :-) or :-(

Quant SS -50 , %ile - 95
Verbal SS- 34, %ile - 72
Total SS - 700, %ile - 93

I don't know if its a good score but right I am not to happy about it. Verbal score is a bit too low for my liking. I know that this is close to or greater than the median range for schools I am applying to, but that’s just not sufficient. I thought I could gain an advantage through GMAT and most Indians do get 730+. I am angry about the fact that couple of weeks back I realized what I need to do to get my verbal on track, had a plan but didn’t execute it completely. If I had, I am sure I would have been looking at 730-740 now.
My AWA essays were not great either. I haven't got a score yet so can't really say how that affects the situation. My first essay was decent but the second one was crap. I'd probably be embarrassed to read it again.
Right now I feel like throwing my laptop for the balcony!!! But then I wouldn't be able to complete this post. (Also, I know I can’t do that so let me just throw this cushion to the other end of the room. There it goes; thank god I didn’t break anything!)

I am writing TOEFL on the 24th and hope a good score there can in someway counter a poor GMAT verbal.

Feel like I lost an opportunity and in today’s world if you do that, you get left behind.

Whatever!!!, GMATs done and its time to party again, I am outta here>>>

Sunday, August 07, 2005

One Week to go

Yes my GMAT is next week - saturday the 13th and I am getting a bit anxious.

I have prepared reasonably well and there has been no lack in effort or commitment, time - perhaps. All said and done I am confident that I can do well. I am looking for a 700+ score which would put me in the a good position for all schools I am applying to.

I haven't been upto much the past one month and looking forward to getting this over with. Yesterday, I even checked out my test center. Its close to my place. I am taking off work on the 12th just to get mentally prepared and focussed.

Last 2 pratice tests I managed 640, which is good considering the fact that they seemed really tough. Most Kaplan tests are. Verbal has improved but not at the rate I wanted it to.

okay gotta go will post the score next week.....

Time has come to close your eyes and still the wind and rain.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Update on GMAT preparations

Work and GMAT are about the only things running in my life right now so here is an update on one of them.

I have been doing reasonably well in quant section but faltering on the verbal.

Here are the results of some practice tests that I have taken until today.

Test Descrp. Quant Verbal Total
Powerprep-1 (SS)47, 31 V (SS)31,22 650
Kaplan Diag. 18/26 22/28 650
Kaplan Paper 34 27 660
Kaplan CAt-1 24 21 560
Crack GMAT-1 33 24 640
Crack GMAT-2 31 23 630

I did write a test today morning and got 710, so I am thrilled about it.
Powerprep-2 SS49 SS37 710

I am pretty confident about my quant skills and feel certain to achieve 95%ile or higher. Though, Kaplan Cat-1 score is cause of concern as I thought I did fine that time too.
Seeing the trend, I have been focusing on my verbal and in course of my studies I realized that English grammar or at least the GMAT grammar is based on set of well defined rules. Until now I used to think that it goes more on how correct it sounds (I learnt that those are called idiomatic) with some rules here and there. So what one needs to do is to understand these rules and remember them while reading the sentences. This helps answer question easily. However ETS is clever enough to disguise and complicate the sentences so that you find it difficult to identify these mistakes. Some Practice should help here.

I did learn from friends that they were also getting similar scores in practice tests and ended up scoring lot more in actual GMAT. However I cannot take this for granted.

Okay, time to go for a swim and then back to GMAT preps...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

3 Years Down

Friday 8th July, I completed three years in this company. Looking back there was a time when I was not sure I’d make it this far. I have come a long way and so have all my batch mates.

Friday all the memories from our training days came flooding back. It was a 4 month training and a tough one at that, something we enjoyed thoroughly nonetheless. We had evaluating exams ever so often and we never had any breathing time. But we made it through, each one supporting the other and we did have a lot of fun together.

Of more than 100 of us that started here 3 years back only around 25-30 of us remain. I am not even sure of the exact number. Others have moved on to other jobs, studies, some have got married, both guys and girls and still some others, I just don’t know. They seem to have disappeared of the face of the earth.

Personally I have had my ups and downs but the good thing has been that I have learnt a lot. Every thing that didn’t go my way was an experience that’s made me better and more mature and less instinctive. There are lots of good things that have happened and lot of things I have achieved. All said and done I like the way things have gone. Now I realize that I didn’t want it to be smooth sailing affair and miss out on the experiences that have made me wiser. At that time, however, I may have had a different opinion. If it hadn’t been for everything that has transpired in the last 3 years, I probably wouldn’t have been at this juncture, thinking of bigger things and trying to find my true potential. However there are things I could have done better and still others I regret and would have rather not done, given the chance. Well they say that you learn from your mistakes and I have.

Coming back to our batch, it has always been a very close group of friends. Some of my best friends are my batch mates from work, other being my college classmates and teammates from cricket teams in college and work. Actually of the 25-30 ppl left in the company 6 of us are right here in Minneapolis on the same account. Half our batch is probably in the US right now.

I have really and thoroughly enjoyed the past 3 years at work and having such great friends is what makes it such a wonderful experience. Some of my closest friends, batch mates or others are right here near in Minneapolis. So I am still having the time of my life. Everyday!!

It’s a beautiful life!! Hope it stays that way!

Here is what I am singing –

Time of your Life
– by Green day

Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road.

Time grabs you by the wrist;
directs you where to go.

So make the best of this test
and don't ask why.

It's not a question
but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind.

Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.

Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial.

For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You've Got Another Thing Coming

That's right here's where the talkin' ends
Well listen this night there'll be some action spent
Drive hard I'm callin' all the shots
I got an ace card comin' down on the rocks

In this world we're livin' in we have our share of sorrow
Answer now is don't give in aim for a new tomorrow

Oh so hot no time to take a rest yeah
Act tough ain't room for second best
Real strong got me some security
Hey I'm a big smash I'm goin' for infinity yeah

If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You've got another thing comin'


I have been getting a bit nervous reading posts of fellow bloggers who have already written GMAT and few drafts of essays and still think that they are behind schedule. I am yet to write GMAT, my preparation has hardly gathered any momentum and starting with the application process hasn’t crossed my mind as yet. Most importantly my GMAT is just a month away and I am nowhere near ready. Infact I am not much better than when I first started preparations.

Last Monday I decided that the time to act was now. I was off from work early every day and managed to study daily. I wasn’t able to concentrate as much as I would have liked too but I did make some progress and more importantly I had the long weekend for all the catching up. Unlike other weekends, I decided not to plan any travel or outing just so that I may concentrate on my studies.

Things did not go as planned and we had an all night outing on Friday and I slept through Saturday. I was really pissed off Saturday evening for the time I wasted and wanted to make up for it next 2 days.

Somehow this kind of adventure was exactly what I needed to turn things around. I was able to motivate myself and get some seriousness and resolve in my preparations. I made decent progress next 2 days covering most of the tasks I planned.

One of thing that generally inspires me is music. On Saturday when I was wondering about what I was doing and where I was going with this, I thought that if you want something you have to go and get it. I have an opportunity to do something with my life, better not let that slip away. I remember listening to this song by Judas priest at the time, it goes like this

If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You've got another thing comin'

Yes Anand, You've got another thing comin' and you better be ready

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cooking adventures and more

They say “Too many cooks spoil the broth” and we proved them wrong.
We had invited 3 couples for dinner on a weekday and we had 3 hours to prepare a decent meal. I am still learning too cook so I wasn’t much help but somehow me and my roommates got into the kitchen, showed great team work and had the dinner prepared on time. We prepared Chole, puris- lots of them, fried rice, Alu-gobi and Gulab Jamuns for dessert. The food was great, lot better than expected and we managed to surprise our guests not only with the food but also how well it was served.

We got invitations for dinner the following week and enjoyed not cooking for 3 days in a row.

This apart not much is cooking on the GMAT front. I have started solving problems from the OG and have been trying to do that daily. Most questions seem a lot easier as compared to Kaplan. I haven’t prepared much as yet and with only 6 weeks to go for GMAT, I am thinking of putting everything on hold (apart from work) and concentrating on my preparations.

On the application front, I mailed all schools to clarify some specific doubts. Also contacted my University to understand the procedure for requesting transcripts. I am looking to get this part of the application process taken care of as soon as possible.

I have contacted one of my recommenders and set some expectations regarding the same. The difficult part of choosing recommenders has been that my managers have changed ever so often that no-one could possibily highlight all the qualities that I would like mentioned on my recommendations and quote examples for the same. I am hoping that my recommendations highlight my analytical skills, problem solving skills, team-work, leadership and Client-interfacing skills. This would help me make a strong case for my interest in pursuing management consultancy.

Btw I have created my own Radio station. Here is the link if someone wants to check it out.
My station

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Trying to get back on Track

I have been getting some positive feedback on my blog and I am glad people are enjoying reading the blog as I love posting to it. That’s all I am going to write about this as I recently saw ‘Devil’s Advocate’ once again and Al Pacino’s Final Remark ‘I love Vanity’ is still ringing in my ears.
I want to thank everyone for the encouragement.

Well! What Have I been up to for the past couple of weeks.

I have been trying to get my GMAT preparation back on track. A difficult proposition considering that work has been picking up of late. Infact, I have put in atleast 8-10 hours of work since I left office on Friday. I could have done a better job over the week and things wouldn’t have been so bad. Anyways some good comments from Business finally way made to my leadership, so good news on that side as well. Business has time and again appreciated the work I was doing but I was wondering when they would communicate the same to my bosses here.
Oh...oh…. ‘Vanity’ …. Again.

I did manage to study almost everyday but wasn’t able to take the practice test I planned as I lost patience less than half way down the 4 hr test. Not a good sign but I am sure this would not be that big a problem by the time I reach the actual test date. I had take Powerprep test -1 earlier where I got 650 and Kaplan diagnostic scoring 650 again. Anything less than 700 on the GMAT would really dampen my chances and is something I can ill-afford. Next step is to start tackling problems on Official Guide. I am trying to get more simulation tests for more practice.

On the other front, I am still working on refining my goals and tried to do some more reading on management consultancy, though not as much as I wanted too. I got a good talk from DivineMissN (LBS Class of 2007) on career goals and essays and she has posted some advice regarding this on her blog.

I have also been trying to get the details of transcript process. I finally managed to get a response from my University but some aspects of the process concern me. My experience with Public Office bureaucracy hasn’t been great( I did my under-graduate from Govt. College) and is one of the reasons I have been worried.

On the lighter side, we have an event called Alive after 5 that has been running in downtown from June 1st and would continue till 23rd. They also have events at noon called Tunes @ noon with some bands/singers playing some blues/soft rock and country for an hour. I and a friend have been catching this daily during lunch time. Even though I am Hard Rock fan, I enjoyed all the performances and especially of talented Miss Joanna James who has a great voice to go with all the instruments she can play. Her music is little bit reminiscent of Norah Jones but lot more lively.

Hope the coming weeks are lot more productive in every aspect.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Not tagged – but I’ll play anyway

Just noticed other bloggers playing ‘Tag’. I saw this on several blogs and even though I haven’t been tagged, I’ll join in and Tag others who are still out.

Directions: Name 5 books you last read and then tag 5 other Bloggers to do the same.

Last 5 books I read

Monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma – This is a philosophical book gives pointers to lead a better life. Slow and boring to start with but becomes interesting and inspiring later on.

Prison Diary – Jeffery Archer – Archer’s experience of his first 21 days in high security prison. Very biased but an interesting read.

Sons of Fortune – Jeffery archer – Something on the lines of ‘Kane and Abel’ but not nearly as good. However archer does get in his knowledge on politics and business to make this interesting.

Janson Directive – Robert Ludlum – a gripping Novel like most of Ludlum books. Fast paced, eventful and good entertainment. Must read for Ludlum fans.

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand – Currently reading this and seems very interesting and different. I guess Ayn rand tries to mix philosophy in her stories and that’s why people are still reading her books more than 50 years after she wrote them.

5 bloggers I tag:-


Monday, May 30, 2005

Canada trip - Niagara Falls and Toronto

We were going to Canada and I was very excited about it. USA was the first foreign country I visited and Canada was to be the second. A leave on Friday 27th added to the holiday for Memorial Day on 30th gave us 4 days for our trip. We started early on Thursday, renting a vehicle from downtown and we had departed from Minneapolis by 5 pm. We planned to reach Detroit early to get our Visitors Visas to Canada. We were carrying all the documents required with us. The trip to Detroit was uneventful but we didn’t get much sleep either, driving through the night. We were there by 7 AM having lost 1 hour by virtue of time difference. The consulate was right next to GM HQ , and I was delighted to see this magnificent building after having seen so many pictures of the same.

It did not take much time to get the Visa mainly because we had arrived so early and were ahead in the queue which built up by the time consulate opened. I happened to meet a guy from Kellogg and immediately let him know that I was intent on applying to Kellogg next fall. I got some very useful tips and advice. He mentioned that he could help me get in touch with 1st year students and with some other stuff. Its great to meet people from school as you get to learn some inside stuff about the school which also helps with your applications and gives you motivation you need to polish off your essays. Meeting someone from Kellogg was a pleasant surprise and just another perk of this wonderful trip.

Crossing over into Canada Posted by Hello

Visa formalities were completed by 11 am approx and we were on our way and into Canada. I didn’t expect Canada to be much different but there was a visible difference in roads, directions and we were also sensing a difference in terms of standard of living (Canada didn’t seem as well off and everything wasn’t as polished as on the other side) and more cosmopolitan nature. We checked into out hotel room in Brampton at around 2 pm and decided to take a nap as we were exhausted.

Toronto Downtown Posted by Hello

We got up lot later than we had planned it was almost 9 pm by the time we left our hotel and headed for Toronto. Driving into Toronto wasn’t the simplest with huge network of roads and highways with not so clearly visible directions. The traffic was fast moving and dense which didn’t help either. As we approached Toronto, the CN tower and Downtown skyline appeared and we overawed by how big Toronto really was!! (Remember we come from Minneapolis) It took us some time and effort to find a parking space. Once we managed that, we started walking around Toronto Downtown and took some pictures. We walked around the entertainment and Fashion districts and found many clubs there. I wanted to experience how the clubs were in Toronto but my fellow travelers weren’t really interested. So I decided to go in alone and entered a place called “Club Menage”. The music and crowd was good but I was expecting lot more as compared to the Clubs back home in Minneapolis. I had a lot fun and left around 3 am but the Taxi ride home ($62 Canadian) burnt a big hole in my pocket. Another observation about Canada was the people here seemed noticeably shorter than US. Don’t know if this was just a perception or actually a fact.

View from CN tower Posted by Hello

Next day we woke early and got ready even quicker. We headed off to Visit CN Tower and were there at around 9:30 am. After collecting our entry tickets we were taken to the observatory and the Glass floor which was around 2/3rd way up. CN tower is the tallest building the world but I doubt if it has highest observation point among other tall buildings. The view of Toronto from the top was breathtaking and we especially liked standing on the glass floor. We were down to earth after spending some time grasping the view from up there. We decided to eat our lunches at an Indian restaurant in Downtown. (Must mention that throughout the trip we were able to eat some delicious meals at few of the many Indian restaurants in Toronto and Brampton)

Straight Down from Glass Floor Posted by Hello

Next we headed to Niagara which was a 1.5 hr drive from Toronto. Niagara is awesome and I don’t have enough words to describe the view. Anybody in these parts of the world should visit it and preferably from the Canadian Side. Whatever you do, don’t miss the ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat ride which takes you close to the falls and gives you an idea of how spectacular the falls really are. After getting our full and loads of snaps we decided to visit ‘Casino Niagara’. The casino was bigger than the one I had visited earlier but I haven’t visited Vegas so ‘No comments’ on the casino. I played ‘Blackjack’ which I have some expertise at and made some dough on that. (I was to lose more than what I made the next day which was surprising as I am pretty good at Blackjack and it doesn’t favor Casino as much as the other ones)

The majestic Niagara falls Posted by Hello

We were actually planning to Visit Montreal next day but my pals weren’t up for the drive, so we decided to Visit Toronto to cover other places we missed. We had trouble finding Toronto downtown 3rd time in a row and once we got there we were stuck in downtown traffic big time. Toronto traffic is kind of free for all with Vehicles moving in every direction, nothing compared to India though. Finally, we reached ‘Casa Loma’ which a Castle built around 1910 but based on, medieval castles and if any one has played the game ‘Theif-2’ the setting is quite similar. I quite enjoyed touring the castle and exploring all it had to offer.

Casa Loma Blue Print Posted by Hello

We had lunch and headed back to ‘Casino Niagara’. We had checked out of our hotel room and planned to cross over back into US from Niagara. Spending some time at the ‘Casino’ and having lost significant amount, we decided that it was time to head back. We weren’t able to cross over at Niagara (closed suddenly due to some reason) so had to cross at ‘Fort Erie’ to Buffalo in NY. We covered 960 miles in 16 hours including few stops and were back home by 10 am thanks to gaining 1 hr on time difference. Overall, I guess, we drove around 2500 miles.

Great trip and I am especially happy about visiting Canada. Toronto seems a great place to live in and good place to visit. Just wish that we had covered Montréal as well.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

My target B-school List

My efforts on GMAT preparation as well as my MBA application have gained momentum. Following my Last post regarding career goals, this time I would be discussing the schools I am looking to apply for. I hope that I would get comments and suggestions from others on the appropriateness of my choices for my career goals, strategies and approach for each.
I would have liked a better response to my earlier post but I am grateful for whatever feedback I got. I have received some useful tips from Dave, Simba, axechick and Sorebrek and really appreciate all the help.

Before I begin I must mention that I have been reading lot of blogs and articles and visiting few forums too and I find that the most common question posted by Applications(including me) is “What are my chances”. I guess the reason maybe that people want some certainty and to figure out whether its worth the effort. The answer is invariably “Nobody can tell for sure”. After being frustrated by the responses, I later found that this is true in its entirety. The Best analogy I can think of for this situation is that a person wanting to walk through a long dark tunnel and he/she cannot see the light at the end of tunnel. He wants to go through the tunnel because he knows that there are better things waiting at the other end, but before he enters he wants to make sure that he’ll get through. So he finds people who made it through and asks them if he can do the same. Whoever made it know that it’s long and winding tunnel and it requires lot of hard work, commitment, perseverance and most importantly risk taking to get through. Whether this person has got what it takes, “Nobody can tell for sure”.
Well I think you got to believe that you’ll make it through and that is the first step into the tunnel.

My B-School list
After lot of research swapping, changing, Chopping etc this is how my B-schools List looks like. I would have liked to have kept it down to 5, but right now I have 6.

Program I am looking at –
As I contemplate a career in Management consultancy, I am looking for a program that stresses on Analytical Skills. I also want to learn lot more about Strategy. I am coming from an IT background with some exposure to financial services and Post MBA my interests in Management consultancy would be focused towards IT, Finance and Strategy.

(Brackets indicate 4 different rankings I obtained)
Outside the Bracket is consolidated ranking, removing the most out of sync
Followed by median GMAT score, Median years of exp, % accepted applications.

Kellogg (NWU)(9,1,8,5) – 4 700/4.5/13%
Reason- Kellogg is undoubtedly one of the best B-schools. It has everything from a good curriculum, diversity, focus of Academics as well as Leadership, ethics and team work. With a wide variety of majors and courses to choose from I am confident that I could tailor the program to exactly what I need.

MIT Sloan (15,9,9,4) - 7 710/5.1/14%
Reason – Another one of the best B-schools and my favorite because of their focus on Analytical skills and academics. I feel this best suited for my career goals and especially of my interest to move into management consultancy. However my maths score in colleges(59,56,91,60%) might just kill my chances. Not sure if I should bother applying.

Duke(22,11,12,11) – 11 710/5.3/22%
It has a flexible program i.e. no concentrations and available courses can be tailored to get exactly what I want. Overall I find that Duke is very balanced in its method but also flexible enough as and when required so if I want to focus more on analytical stuff etc I can. Hence it is on my list.

Stern(13,13,7,13) – 13 700/4.7/15%
Stern is known for its Finance MBA. It’s proximity to the Financial hub of the world is a major advantage. It also has a good IT program and major for strategy as well. All in all, a package that completely satisfies my needs.

Kenan Flagger(UNC)(8,16,11,21) – 16 680/5/30%
It has a concentration focused towards management consultancy. Program focuses on all salient points I consider important for my career and it has a mix of elective that cover almost everything I like to study. More importantly I also feel that I have realistic chance of getting into this program as compared to others that I am applying to.

Goizuetta(Emory)(18,20,16,18) – 18 675/5.5/27%
This is my Backup. But overall, I was very impressed with the school and the program, its curriculum structure and list of concentrations are also great and have everything I need. I’d be happy to go here if I get a chance.

I have made the choices based on what I think serves my goals the best and programs best suited and schools that I would be happy to study in. What concerns me is that all the Schools I have chosen are pretty hard to get in, Minimum Median GMAT score required is 675 which puts me under lot of pressure for my GMAT.
Not sure if I should replace one of the Schools by an easier backup option.
Comments & Suggestions very much required.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Career Goals

After lot of soul searching and thinking process that started more than two years back, my career goals are still at best vague. Things have become clearer, but the more questions I try and answer, more the difficulty I find in answering them and it seems like I am running around in circles. So in this post I am logically trying to evaluate where I am coming from and where I am headed, and hope that experienced bloggers and applicants comment on my goals.

I have been with an IT services company (Indian with >30,000 employess, >$ 1 billion in revenues) for the past 3 years and have worked as a software engineer. I am currently playing the role of Technical Analyst at client location and have had some Team lead experience for past 1-1.5 years. My domain exposure has always been with banking and financial services field, which in conjunction with Information Technology are my primary fields of Interest.

Post MBA, I have been looking at a management role that combines both these e.g. IT program manager for financial services working in either Finance or IT Company. All this while I have felt that this wouldn't truly give me an opportunity to do all I wanted in terms of involvement with Business and strategy.
So I explored further, putting my interest i.e. Information technology, Finance and strategy together with my skills Analytical, communication skills, some basic management and leadership ability (that I have displayed in work and extra-curricular activities) with solution oriented approach and good understanding of Financial services business, I found that a management consultancy position might be a better option. This would give me an opportunity to work in wide variety of projects and put in my cross functional skills (I am a mechanical engineer) IT and finance knowledge, utilize my analytical skills to help senior management take Business and strategic decisions. This is something that I would really enjoy doing and feel that I have the ability to take up such a role.

By working in such a role, over the years I would have gained substantial knowledge, skills and experience to move into a senior management position in a firm and take up a true leadership position. My ultimate objective being to lead an organization to achieve something significant, bringing it growth and respect and also contributing back to society in both personal and professional capacity.

Having said this I am not sure
1. If I could move to a management consultancy position post MBA. Would I get a job of my liking?
2. If B-schools would consider my application?
3. If my story and purpose seems logical enough?
4. How others approach this situation and move into role and work that I am interested in doing?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mt. Rushmore and South Dakota

We started out from office early on Friday 22/04/2005 and headed for the car rental agency also in downtown. After lot of deliberations and not finding one to our liking in mid size, we decided to go for a slightly expensive but really cool Jaguar. Yes! the trip was of to a wonderful start and we were out of Minneapolis by 6:30 PM.
The drive was fabulous with scenic views of the vast grasslands of the American countryside. It was fun sitting in the Jaguar, just a really cool and fast car. We made good progress through the night and were at Rapid City at 3 am. (Helped by 1 hr time difference). We checked into out hotel and hit the beds and it wasn’t until 10 am that we were up and ready to head to our first destination.

Mt. Rushmore Posted by Hello

This of course was Mount Rushmore. The drive again was very pleasant the place was reasonably good. We didn’t expect to see anything great and we weren't surprised. We took some snaps, spent some time there also had ice-creams (temp was around 5-10 C).
It was almost 12pm and we headed towards Custer state park, through Black Hill forest. Driving through Black Hills was refreshing with conifers on either side of the road and ice around the road that had not yet melted.

Wild Buffaloes at Custer Park Posted by Hello

We were hoping to see some Wild buffaloes at Custer Park and we were not disappointed. We saw some herds and even managed to get some good snaps, thanks to me sticking my head out of the moonlight roof of the Jaguar. We did spot some Ponies and Deers too and we continued to drive till we reached Jewel cave. We learnt that the full 1 hr tour was over for the day and we could only go in for the "Discovery" tour down to the first cave. The tour lasted only 20 minutes and we weren't very impressed, neither did the snaps come out okay. However we were excited contemplating how the full tour inside the cave might have been.
It was almost 5 and we decided to head back to our hotel and go out in the evening. The plan was to visit a Casino and we did find one in "Deadwood", an hours drive from where we were staying. It was my first time in a Casino and the results were encouraging. I doubled the money I put in, while playing 'Blackjack'(in one hour that too). I did a smart thing by having learnt how to play it and practicing it on Yahoo. We had dinner outside headed to our hotel.

Badlands Posted by Hello

Next day we started back home at 9:00AM. We planned to cover 'Badlands' and ‘Sioux falls’ on the way back. ‘Badlands’ was a pleasant surprise with excellent scenery and some what resembling Grand canyon!! It was a long byway - around 60 miles, we spent an hour there.
'Sioux falls' is probably a misnomer as the height of the Water-fall was only 5-6 meters. It’s more like a park. However one interesting thing is that a train passes over the falls.
Interesting ahah!!
All in All a Good weekend, had a nice time, but don't think I would be visiting South Dakota again.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Weekend Trip to Lake Mille

After another hectic week at work, we were looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. We made an elaborate plan for what we would do on Saturday. We planned to go to Lake Mille; about 100 miles from here, then head for shopping at Albert Ville, and finally spend some time at Lake Callaghan in Minneapolis before having dinner and winding back home.

Driving on the Interstate Posted by Hello

We started out at around 10 and soon caught the Interstate and were on our way. Speed limit was close to 70 Miles an hour so we made it to Lake Mille by 12:30 or so. We drove along the banks and had a good look around. The ice had not yet melted even though the temperature was now touching 60-65 F. The view of the lake was breathtaking and with the warm weather the time spent there was really enjoyable. Lake Mille is a fairly big lake and we were not able to site the other shore.
From there we headed towards Albert Ville which is a huge shopping place with all kinds of branded goods available at good discounts. It took us a lot of time to look around and we did buy few things too. The place is around 40 miles from Minneapolis, but by the look of it, people from all around come to shop here. After spending a few hours there, we headed back.

Lake Mille Posted by Hello

We stopped at Lake Callaghan for some time to relax. This was more like a park with many people coming to Jog, skate, barbecue, play sports and hang out. It was bustling with people. We sat there for some time taking in the sights and later took a stroll around the lake.

Lake Callaghan - Minneapolis Downtown in the background Posted by Hello

We had dinner at on Indian restaurant "Taste of India" and guess what?? It was my treat!! The food was good and the whole day had been so enjoyable.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

First Week

It’s been a week here and an eventful one at that.
After relaxing on sunday, I had to head for Office on Monday, not fully over my Jet lag though. 'American Express Financial Advisory' is the client I work for, and the office is in downtown (Hub of Minneapolis). Downtown is full of Sky scrapers much like Manhattan but with lot lesser and smaller buildings. (Pictures coming soon)
It takes about half an hour by Bus to get there from our place. Everything seems so neat and serene here and even the Bus ride is so comfortable. The traffic moves at extremely fast pace on the expressways.

France Av. - Main Road Posted by Hello

Our office is a 30 story building; I am on the 11th floor. All buildings are connected via Skyway, at 3rd-4th floor so no-one ever need step on the street, which is an absolute necessity in the winters. Even now, the temperature fluctuates from 40-60 F which is about 6-15 C.
I didn't expect so much work on the first week. I had my laptop and Ids ready the very first day and was into meetings with the business daily. I have been a spectator most of the time with mostly business and strategic decisions being taken and other members being VPs and Directors. We have couple of members from Compliance and legal department, this being ‘Compliance’ related project. All in all a very interesting week with having lots to learn and this exposure would certainly be an excellent experience for me.
Accommodation is very cozy as expected. We have all the essentials and more including excellent connectivity (Broadband and routers) so that all of us can be connected through our Laptops simultaneously. In fact yesterday, we were seeing Indo-Pak match on the net!!

Cedars of Edina - Home Posted by Hello

I went for Jogging twice this week to centennial Lake. I have some pictures of the same. The sun does come out but is ineffectual and its pretty chilly when the wind blows. Jogging requires some effort but is refreshing and good exercise too and of course the scenery is good all round which makes it worthwhile.

Centennial Lake Posted by Hello

Joggin arnd Centennial Lake Posted by Hello

Went for groceries today and this brings us up to date. Lots of small things I want to mention as they are so interesting but I want to keep the blog readable too.
I have to get back to my GMAT/MBA plans, that as soon as I get settled.
Just enjoying myself for now.

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