Sunday, July 23, 2006

School list

I am ready with the list of schools i am going to apply to this year. The process was quite similar to the one I did last year. With the added experience and knowledge about various schools and programs, this year's list appears to be better suited to my needs and hopefully I stand a good chance to getting into one of these schools.

Kept these in mind while selectiong schools –
1. Career focus – management consulting, long term – entrprenuership
2. General management curriculum
3. Placements in consulting
4. School reputation and specialty
5. Culture and fit

So I ended up with 6 schools, plus 2 that I am re-applying to. I might apply to all eight(that would be very difficult) but if I cant, as many as possible.

Stretch schools

Harvard Business School – One of the best business schools in the world, great reputation, excellent alumni network, teaching methods are very practical and more emphasis on case method, excellent placements in consulting.

Tuck, Dartmouth– Another top business school, is a favorite for Management consulting firms. Has a general management curriculum, good alumni network that facilitate lot of placements.

Good Schools – reasonable chance of getting in

Darden, Virginia – Another feeder for MC firms. Has a general management curriculum and excellent placements on consulting.

Ross, Michigan – Good school for consulting and technology. Good placements. Fits in to the top 10 and has good reputation.

McCombs, Texas – More known as a technology school but good curriculum and consulting placements.

Re-applicant – Good chance

Fuqua, Duke – Good curriculum and strong in all areas. Good consulting placements. Love the Fuqua culture.

Tepper, CMU – well structured curriculum. School’s been on the rise. It is known for Technology, finance and consulting. Ranks amongst the best in technology. Focus on analytical skills which result in good placements in Consulting

Safety School

Owen, Vanderbilt - Fits into top 25. Like the curriculum and structure. reaonable consulting placements.

How many I end up applying to is still an open question but its going to be tough few months for me.


sorebrek said...

That's a good line up. I am sure you will benefit tremendously from this year's experience. Hey, I'll be in BLR in August. I'll be meeting up with some other bloggers/applicants for beers. You should come too. Shoot me a note at sorebrek at gmail . com

Hobbes said...

Hey Anand, thats a good list u got lined up there... Only Vanderbilt seems to be a misfit there.

I too am a reapplicant, and had apped to Duke and got their feedback too. Chk my blog for what they had to say. Had you had your feedback with them yet?


Icarus said...

Tuck, Darden, Ross and Mccombs are on my list too. All the best for your apping.

Anonymous said...

I have been a frequent visitor to ur blog, since I have similar scores as yours. How did the feedback session with Wharton go?

Anonymous said...

FYI - your blog posts are mentioned here.

Thanks for the post.

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