Thursday, December 21, 2006

Waitlisted at Tepper

Well thats 2 in 2. I thought I'd make this one but...
Without an admit in hand I would need in my backup school application in addition to Harvard. More work, more pain. Hope all this pays of in the end.


The Caspian said...

Sorry to hear... but don't give up hope as the acceptance off the waitlist is possible!

Anonymous said...

Hey, You could look at Ross too (since I see Duke in your list).

Don't know of any Indian male with an admit from Tepper. So it is NOT indicative of your chances at other schools.

All the best.


the being said...

hey, first time here. bloghopped from an old link on Dave's blog.
Keep the hopes up about Tepper.

So did u meet the other applicant bloggers from bangalore?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Anand..

I can understand ur feelings..But..Dont get this on ur way..And do ur best..

All the best..

Anonymous said...

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Hi dude....

This is my 1st post. I am regular reader of your blog for past few days.

My name is Anand. i too from bangalore.

I would really like to apprecite your determination and persistence.
keep trying. Definetly you have day. May this 2007 be a wonderfull year to all.

With Love

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand,

I have been wait listed in Tepper too. What you doing about the supplement material??

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