Sunday, March 05, 2006


Duke results would be out in a couple of days and Tepper the following week and I am beginning to get anxious. Waiting was easy till about a week back. I kept myself sufficiently occupied so as not to think about the results. The past week I have been counting the days and "D-day" has lingered on the back of my mind.

I did keep myself busy with work and other activities. I played another match (which we won) over the weekend. We were planning a “celebration” for moving on to the next round, at “STYX” one of my favorite pubs in Bangalore but it was a non starter, everyone being so tired. For people who have not been to Bangalore, other than being known as “IT capital of India” and “Garden city” it is also known as the “Pubs city”. Maybe we should have a Bangalore version of the Bay Area "Beer challenge" for MBA Bloggers!!

Back to Duke, results would be out by 7th, let’s see how that goes. At the cost of sounding pessimistic I must say that I have planned out what I am going to do for the next one year, incase I don’t make it to any school this year. Though it would be disappointing, it wouldn’t be all that bad overall. Good things are in store for me either way.

Enough blabbering, wish me LUCK.


Forrest Gump said...

Good Luck Anand. I hope you hear the good news very soon.

Vinay Pandey said...

Good luck mate!

MBA Cutie said...

good luck!!!!

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