Saturday, November 11, 2006

3 Apps Down

I submitted my Duke application today and with that I have 3 applications complete. Most of you maybe be wondering why i am submitting my duke application today when the R1 deadline is 10 days past and R2 in January. Simply put I could not get in my R1 application on time but still wanted to go ahead and complete it. Also there maybe be an oppurtunity for me to interview in India while on vacation.

Tepper application story in contrast was special. I re-wrote my last years essays, cover letter and work history all in a weeks time. I was very satisfied with the quality of the content too.

Though I have had to rework my plans midwayy I think I am back on track to submit 5 or 6 applications that I was targeting. Next on my list is darden Due november end.

I have gained some good insights through this years applications and I plan to pen those down as soon as I get some free time. I think i am pretty clear on what needs to be written on the essays and how. Also on how struture and strategise your application. This could be helpful to to other applicants, especially re-applicants. Work pressure has not eased so I am not sure when I can get this penned down. I'll try sooner than later.

For the same reasons I haven't been able to keep track of progress of other blogger applicants. Hope things are going great.

Well I have to sign-off as I have a party to go to ;)

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