Friday, January 05, 2007

Which schools do I apply to now?

So this is what it comes down to? I applied to the following schools and here is the latest

Tuck – EA - waitlisted
Tepper – R1 - waitlisted
Duke – Missed R1 but pu app in by Nov, R2, Result by 8-Mar
Darden – R1, result by 9-Feb
Harvard – R2, result by 28-Mar-07

As I planned upfront, I am now going to target a backup school – Georgetown (Feb 9 deadline). Few days back I realized that I may be dropping down too low without exploring the schools in the middle, i.e. between Tepper and G-town.

So which schools can I now apply too considering that I am International applicant and must(mostly) apply by R-2 deadlines. Narrow them down further by good general management curriculum and consulting placements. What else can I do to maximize my returns… Should I apply to some higher ranked schools too?? (risky considering I don’t have an admit yet?) Few questions I have to find answers to and quickly.

As of now I am looking at –
Marshall USC(Jan 15), Mccombs Texas(Feb-2, rolling)

Suggestions/Comments are welcome

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