Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kellogg Application - Checkpoint -1

My Progress on Kellogg Application

Obtained transcripts
Registered and opened Application – Started Part I
GMAT (700, Q50 V34, AWA 4.0)
TOEFL (287 R-30, W-26- Essay 4.5, S-30)
Recommendations – Write-ups sent, Registered recommenders, Discussed with one.
Resume – Template finalized, first draft not complete
Essays – 1st draft of 1st essay done. Total of 6 required.

To Do
Complete Essays
Complete Resume
Mail Transcripts
Get recommendations
Pay Application Fees
Other tasks – About 10% of total application effort.

Overall Status
Kellogg Application 10% complete.
40 days to go for Round -1 deadline

Yeah I know, I got lots to do and am falling behind on the process. I was down with fever this weekend and was really busy over the week; hence the delays. I am also finding it very difficult to write the initial draft of my essays. I have a good idea of what I what to convey but am finding difficulty in expressing it.

As result of the fever I couldn’t step out of the house at all. Was in bed most of the time and watched lots of movies. There was one I really liked – “In America” – it’s a drama – very emotionally charged and it can make you cry!! The movie is very well directed, has a good cast, superb acting and a good story. I think it’s based on a real life story. I would really recommend seeing this i.e. if you enjoy romantic drama kind of movies. Personally, I like movies with good stories and this was definitely one of them.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekend

And a Long Weekend it was.
After our Las Vegas trip got cancelled, I was wondering what I would do these 3 days. I was falling behind on my applications, so that was top of the agenda.
Before I took up the actual essay questions, I decided that I would write drafts for some standard questions faced by a B-school applicant Like Why MBA, Why now, Career goals, Career progress to date. This apart, I also worked on the write-ups for my recommenders. I put in details such as the schools I am applying to, reasons for pursuing an MBA, reasons for choosing schools I did, my career path and career goals and details about that, long term goals. Also focused some attention on the application process and things that recommender needs to do and what is expected of a recommendation. Hope all this leads to me getting a good recommendation. I have put in a lot of effort into this.

All this work apart, I did have a bit of fun. If I was slogging in the daytime, I was partying all night long. We did visit few different clubs here and that too 3 days in a row. I took my Digi-cam and got some great pictures. Me and my pal got tattoos too, but they are the temporary ones!!

Weekends over, but I am looking forward to another hectic but short work week.

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