Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kellogg Interview

With Kellogg interview done yesterday, I have now completed my Kellogg application. According to the Kellogg website, the admission decisions would be mailed by 16th January. I am not sure if I would come to know the result before or only on 16th. Either way its early enough.

Here is gist of the Interview.

The interview was very informal and it went great. The interviewer gave an overview on the Alumni interview process and I felt comfortable from the very start. We started with introductions and covered some standard questions. Every once in a while interviewer probed or asked for clarification. I was pretty happy on the topics covered and the fact that I was able to project the qualities I wanted to. The discussion was broad based but driven by the interviewer. Some of my answers were unnecessarily wordy but I acknowledged from the start that verbal and written communication were two primary areas that I need to work at. I did leave an impression that I was very enthusiastic about my goals and pursuing a MBA at Kellogg. Also, that I possessed good management and leadership qualities. I was able to project myself as proactive and someone who takes initiative to achieve things and is looking to make an Impact. However, I think I left her concerned over my ability to work in teams. My examples were leaning a bit towards my achievements and how I led the team etc and even though I did site instances to substantiate my ability to work in teams, this might not have made the impact I desired.

I must acknowledge the fact that the interviewer made me feel very comfortable and directed the interview really well and I never felt nervous.
I was very pleased with performance and demeanor at the Interview but I suppose that a great interview is the minimum expected of an applicant to a top Business School in the world.

Overall, I think I have done a great job with my Kellogg Application. Whether I get in or not is altogether different matter. The application process is very competitive and there are many applicants who could be more worthy or better 'fit' than me.


SgHama said...

congrats on a successful interview. best of luck with Kellogg

laserlikefocus said...

Kellogg starts sending out decisions from mid December onwards. But the bulk of the decisions come in the week leading up to Jan 16th.

Good luck with the rest of the apps.

Paa"ji" said...

Cogratulations Anand....Good Luck on the things to follow

Nivedita said...

Now thats good news..Best Wishes to you!!

SG said...

Great Blog Anand... Nice to see a fellow Bangalorean write this well!

SG said...

The pop-ups are a tad irritaing though...:)

Anand said...

Yup, I have removed the popups. Should have done that a long time back.

Admin said...

What a great blog. Wish there were more like this.

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Anuj said...

Wow cool man.. if u have done ur best buddy u sure stand a great chacne.. ATB

Anonymous said...

good luck

Marina said...

I am not really sure if hard is the right word to describe the interview. It was just not clear what they were looking for, which could be due to the lack of interviewing experience on the part of the students, though they were all trained by adcom.

Definitely looking forward to the pictures & I am glad you enjoyed the trip.


p.s. SFO is the name of the airport :)

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