Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kellogg Application - Done

I completed and submitted my Kellogg Application this week, 3 days before the deadline for Round 1. After 15-20 reviews my essays were looking quite polished, resume wasn’t bad either. I do bring out a complete story through my essays and highlight different skills that I consider important. Overall my application looks reasonable strong. Time will tell. I try to put in my best effort and don’t worry too much about results. I still have the interview pending and that should be done in a couple of weeks.

Based on this experience, I hope that the following applications would be stronger. The Kellogg application has taken a lot out of me and taking into account the work pressure, I am considering reducing the number of schools to 4. Four excellent applications are lot better than 5 good ones. Application process is very competitive and you pay a heavy price for being anything less than extra-ordinary.

I have started my ‘Tepper’ Application and the deadline is less than a month from now!!
So Lets get the Application started!!


Anonymous said...

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laserlikefocus said...

Good luck to you on the remaining apps. After one of my recommenders threw a fit about writing 6 recommendations even I was considering reducing the number of apps. But just can't decide which school to chuck.

Paa"ji" said...

GOOD LUCK Anand...:-)

MBA Pundit said...

Good luck, looks like you have done your best and made a strong case to be admitted. My first application took out a lot too and I just took the full week off from applications to relax. Give yourself a well deserved short break and then get back to your next app.

gunnermba said...

Good luck mate. I definitely agree that it's better to get in fewer applications of a better quality. I am only applying to two in round 1 and maybe two more in round 2.

qzoink said...

Hahaha, I started out with a target of 7 schools, after the first app, I came down to a target of 4! I also threw out some highly competitive schools and put in some where I think I have a better chance of getting in.

Anuj said...

Great Anand .. best of luck and a very Happy Diwali

SgHama said...

Glad u made in on time. I totally understand wanting to drop schools - I am doing the same - now i'm considering just applying to 2 instead of 3. The app process just drains u esp with work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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