Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still waiting

"All you need is just a little patience"

I am still waiting to hear from Tepper and as per them waitlisted candidates are informed of their decision only by end of May, final date being Jun 13th. That seems very far away right now.

I read the tepper waitlisted chat a saw a comment from the adcom "we like candidates who keep interacting with us" After the update, only thing I can think of is asking - when? How can I arrange finances at such short notice? When will I get my I-20, what about the US visa? – Ofcourse, all this considering that they choose to accept me. However, I am sure this not what they are referring to. At the same time I am sure, they do not want to hear about every little thing that is going on in my life. So what do I tell them - "Hi there, I am still here, happy to be on waitlist, just checking incase you have forgotten me"

On a more serious note, I would like to hear from other applicants/students who were waitlisted earlier on the best approach to the situation.


FooBarMe said...

I dont know if you have already done this..but try to get a "unsolicited" recommendation from a Tepper alumni. I do believe that almuni's endoresment does make a big difference or so I have been told.

ResilientTigress said...

well...though my blog doesnt say that..i am a MBA aspirant...taking up gmat on june 28th :)

Marina said...

I wish I had some WL advice. I agree with FooBarMe. All you can do right now is keep showing them the love and your interest.

Good Luck!

Anand said...

Ppl suggest that your recommenders should be ones who know you well. Even if i get an alumni to write somtehing for me it would be opposed to common 'best practice' for recos. they would be writing something without really knowing much abt me or my application. I think It can be counter productive. However i shall try and get in touch with some alumni to see what they have to say. thanks for your inuts

MBA Pundit said...

Here are my 2 cents. First, understand very well what the school's policy on waitlist is. For example, some schools like Wharton specifically ask that you do not send anything or do not try to contact them in any way. The best thing to do in this case is to follow that.

Other schools will be open to receiving updates and in such cases do not bombard them with updates but be regular in your communications - say once every 10 days.

Drop in a line, report a development and restate your interest in their program. Tell them what new things you learnt about their program in the past 2 weeks and how those findings are relevant to your long term goals. For example, if its Consulting, network with students of the Consulting Club and get their thoughts on coursework, faculty, events etc. Communicate the intangible progress in your developments. For example, if you got promoted at work, explain what your new role is and how that makes you a better candidate instead of saying I now have a senior title and make $X more.

As the previous commentor noted, it doesnt have to be a letter of recommendation but more like a letter of support (a vote of confidence) from an alum. Afterall, an alum can meet you for 30 mins (as is the case with alum interviews) and have an opinion about you. All you are trying is to have him pass on that opinion to the Adcom in a written letter. My personal take is that it cant hurt.

But again, first and foremost get to know the school's waitlist policy and act accordingly. All the best and hope you get in at Tepper.

Nivedita said...

I have been waitlisted at Duke, a couple of things that I did were :

1. Sent 2 additonal recommendations, one professional and another non-professional.
2. I am pursuing a diploma in I Banking but I had not mentioned this in my application. Now, I got a letter from the university stating that I am pursuing the degree and have completed Level 1 of the same. Also, I sent across the curiculum of the course.
3. Wrote an additional essay, emphasising my love for the college and some developments on professional as well as non professional side.
4. Re took the GMAT, but as usual my timing was horrible, I took the GMAT the day Dr.Rajkumar died, so it was chaos here, i thanked my luck when i reached the test center alive. But my score, nothing much to right about, just that i managed to improve my Verbal score quite a bit and messed up the Quant.


Nivedita said...

Oops...I forgot...I had not interviewed before, I was waitlisted without an interview, so I got to interview with an alum in Bangalore.

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