Sunday, April 08, 2007

Things to do once you get an admit

Party: Yes. This is a time for celebration. Make the most of it. Remember the extra drink you avoided so that you can getup early and write your essays? Well nothing can stop you now! Take the drink and ask for a Jag Bomb or kamikazee along with that!

Sleep: All the hours spent juggling work and applications are gone. Its time to catch some sleep. Don’t hurry into office unless you have to, and I know you don’t have to. If you have an alarm clock get rid of it.

Travel: Go around, cover the places that you always wanted too. Quit your job early if you can else take a long leave. But be reasonable you have a $100,000 coming up soon

Watch Movies: All the movies you missed cos you didn’t have the time. Yes go to the theaters, get the DVDs or take the Netflix. Get your hands on these movies and enjoy them.

Read:The list of books you wanted to read has grown long. Now its time to go through the list. Your Brain cells can use some exercise during this period too.

Get new hobbies: Its time for the new things you wanted to try. For me its been learning the latin dances – salsa, meringue, bachata… Go out there and get to it!

Network; Time to say hello to your to-be classmates. Don’t forget the first years cos they are the ones that will guide you through this maze.

Get ready for MBA: Yes there are things to prepare, documents to send, books to read, skills to learn and then finances and visa. Make time from all of the above for this otherwise you are in some deep…

Do nothing: Both you and I know how important it is 'do nothing'. We were always looking forward to this. Yes, you should have quite some time now to 'do nothing' but procrastinate. Trust me, This one’s important!


Anonymous said...

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