Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kellogg Application - Checkpoint -1

My Progress on Kellogg Application

Obtained transcripts
Registered and opened Application – Started Part I
GMAT (700, Q50 V34, AWA 4.0)
TOEFL (287 R-30, W-26- Essay 4.5, S-30)
Recommendations – Write-ups sent, Registered recommenders, Discussed with one.
Resume – Template finalized, first draft not complete
Essays – 1st draft of 1st essay done. Total of 6 required.

To Do
Complete Essays
Complete Resume
Mail Transcripts
Get recommendations
Pay Application Fees
Other tasks – About 10% of total application effort.

Overall Status
Kellogg Application 10% complete.
40 days to go for Round -1 deadline

Yeah I know, I got lots to do and am falling behind on the process. I was down with fever this weekend and was really busy over the week; hence the delays. I am also finding it very difficult to write the initial draft of my essays. I have a good idea of what I what to convey but am finding difficulty in expressing it.

As result of the fever I couldn’t step out of the house at all. Was in bed most of the time and watched lots of movies. There was one I really liked – “In America” – it’s a drama – very emotionally charged and it can make you cry!! The movie is very well directed, has a good cast, superb acting and a good story. I think it’s based on a real life story. I would really recommend seeing this i.e. if you enjoy romantic drama kind of movies. Personally, I like movies with good stories and this was definitely one of them.


PowerYogi said...

good going anand. i think you're doing fine with 40 days still to go for the deadline. i think you are getting the biggies out of the way - prepping recommenders and giving them the time to finish it. the essays will come together.

don't forget the actual filling of the application - i think it is one of the most underlooked aspects of the process.

good luck ! hope you're feeling better.

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