Sunday, January 22, 2006

Getting on with Life

So what have I been upto last couple of weeks. A lot.

Firstly, my work has been killing me so I decided to do something about it. I had approached my Manager(s) (Yes, I do report to 3 of them) couple of times before, about the work load and the responsibilities that were causing me to stay back so late in Office. The response merely stated that I should learn to delegate work efficiently. With the work Increasing further I had to come up with some action plan and spent some effort on trying to be more efficient and productive and also tried to figure out what could be delegated and which things I need more control on. With a self productivity plan and delegated tasks and responsibilities and list of all tasks on 3 projects, my claims had substantial backing this time around. I was able to convince them that all this was impossible for one person to handle and some of it had to go away. I always felt that I was good negotiator but this was my first success on the work load front, that too since I started working. Their action plan, though a left lot to be desired and even though the intentions are truly to rationalize my work load, its having quite the opposite effect.
I guess I was celebrating too soon and need to get back to the drawing board again!!

In spite of busy work schedule I did manage to involve myself in other activities.

Firstly I am back volunteering with ‘Dream a Dream”, an NGO that works for the cause of underprivileged children. I would be reading stories to kids (5 to 7th standards) from a Govt. school stories and help improve their English. I was surprised at the fact the English in Govt schools start only from 5th standard. Understandably their English left lots to be desired. Also since this was an “Urdu” medium, it was harder for students to pick up basic words and that did not help either. The medium on instructions in most schools in India are either English, Hindi or the regional language. There is quite a lot to do here. I felt great and teaching students always gives me a satisfaction that is unparallel. I really relate with this cause and the ‘Dream a dream’ and believe it the right medium for me to make an impact. More on this in a separate post.

I was also back on the field, playing cricket representing my organization. And yes, this was great feeling too. Our current captain was not playing today and so I got to lead the side again. Though I didn’t do much with the bat, I led the team to victory and this was my 14th as the captain that too unbeaten. My essays are loaded with how my sports have taught me so much about leadership skills and team work and I truly believe they have. More than thrilled to see myself put that to action.

Finally, I decided that my Public Speaking skills can improve further and hence I joined the Toastmaster’s club. I would be starting my projects soon. Let’s see how this one goes.

I managed to take some time out for reading and am currently reading “Sense and Sensibility” I’ll post a review once I complete.

And yeah, one more thing……I managed to take time off to write this!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Kellogg - Ding !!

January 5, 2006

Dear Anand:

The Admissions Committee has completed its review of your application for the Kellogg School of Management and Two-Year Program. Despite your many merits as a candidate, I regret to inform you that we are not able to offer you a place in the entering class.

The Admissions Committee carefully evaluated your application in the following areas: work experience, career plans, academic ability and performance, extracurricular and community involvement, leadership and interpersonal skills. Decisions are based upon a thorough evaluation of your individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as your qualifications relative to all others in our applicant pool. This decision is not a reflection of your personal qualities and achievements or your potential for success in management, but merely a reflection of the limited number of places in the class.

We certainly wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and thank you for your interest in the Kellogg School of Management and Two-Year Program .


Some things don’t come easy in life and I was under no illusion that an Admit to one of the best B-Schools in the world would. Kellogg was my first application to a US B-school and the first time ever at this process including essays etc. We do not have a similar process here at any level. I worked very hard at the Kellogg application and needless to say that I am very disappointed. It hurts and it should as that is what would make me more determined to succeed next time.

I needn’t despair too much as I have three more schools to go and maybe one of them (or more) would turn out favorably. I would do some analysis on Kellogg application, maybe even ask adcom for feedback but only after I am done with Duke. That should be done 24 hours from now.

"Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger"

Monday, January 02, 2006

Wharton -Submitted

Happy new year everyone and good beginning for me as well. After some struggle I managed to complete my wharton application - full 75 hours before the deadline. I was waiting for my 2nd recommender to complete his bit and he did so a few hours back. I managed a final review and submitted the application. I know its 1 AM here but I am not complaining :-)))

Just one more to go(Duke) and from then on it would be time to bite my nails and keep fingers crossed for results.

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