Monday, December 26, 2005

A Team to Celebrate

Over the weekend I got a chance to re-unite with my cricket team and share some good moments. Ofcourse it was my treat - returning from onsite. After coming back from US, I have not yet started playing cricket again and was contemplating keeping it that way. I have played cricket through my college and for over 3 years here and even captained the side but now I feel like concentrating on other things that I am passionate about.

My teammates affectionately call me “capi”, which I really like because on one hand that acknowledges my being the leader; on the other it is informal enough that it does not differentiate me from the team. Well!! Things have changed and I would no longer captain right away but I have a feeling that I am still their “capi”; so they tell me. Everyone on the team is like a brother to me and we share excellent camaraderie. We have had our good moments and some bad ones but the journey has been a memorable one. Something that I will cherish for life. I almost feel like getting back on the field right away but have decided to stay away until my applications are done. Sports, cricket in particular have taught me so much about team work and leadership that I could not keep this off my essays. Though I have enough instances to quote off work and tried to keep those, there are mentions of where I got my leadership style from and why I believe in team work. Getting back to the team, we had an amazing run last year and achieved whatever we dreamed of. All made possible through excellent team work and support for one another. On top of that it was such an enjoyable experience.

Well, looks like I’ll be on the ground pretty soon but now its time to concentrate on my future.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2 a.m.

I get in from work at 2 a.m.
And sit down with a beer
turn on late night TV
And then wonder why I'm here
It's meaningless and trivial
And it washes over me
And once again I wonder
Is this all there is for me

I don’t have much to say about the last few days expect for that I am exhausted. I have been staying at work till 1-2 am and reaching home later 2-3 am (accepted - that I come late to Office) and at the same time trying to get up early to make some progress on the application front. In between all this stress and mess, I managed to complete and submit my Tepper Application. I have started with Duke and Wharton Simultaneously.

Overall I am finding the essays easier to write as I already have some practice and had put good thought into selecting the schools. It’s not hard to justify my fit and reasons for pursuing an MBA at any one of these schools. I have my own preference and favorite if it so happens that I get into more than one.

Meanwhile I was also trying to follow the WTO negotiations and these are some stories, I liked from couple of days back

WTO 'star' talks tough

Especially Like this comment from our “Trade and Commerce minister” Mr. Kamal Nath”
"What these countries are asking is -- 'If we don't do what we shouldn't be doing, what will you pay us for it?'

U.S. under attack at trade talks

Need to catch some sleep if possible but looks unlikely that I would have a good one anytime soon.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Home Sweet Home!!

I reached home safely and am enjoying the beautiful weather in Bangalore. It’s been a comfortable 20-25 oC all week, compared to -10 oC at Minneapolis. I had a great flight and in the final leg couldn’t help but notice the excellent service on Indian domestic flights compared to American. India is not well known for the quality of service but the state of airline industry in US should explain the discrepancy.

I got enough time to pack all the gifts I got for my family and relatives and most of my stuff while still limiting my check-in luggage to 50 pounds per bag. I left my three closest friends ‘Thank you’ notes with memorabilia for their help and thanked them for their wonderful friendship. Their support throughout my stay made life so easy for me and their friendship made this trip an enjoyable one. I heard somewhere that if while going to bed you can think 5 friends you can count on, you should consider yourself really lucky. I know I do.

Anyways, I showed up at work the very next day and enjoyed meeting colleagues and friends and sharing my experiences. Chocolates and news from onsite kept everybody happy. The cricket team is very keen to have me back but I am not sure if I would play anymore.

I am still coming to terms with the crowd, the chaotic traffic and pollution. The food, friends and family keep me smiling 24/7 though. Our HQ is now a city in itself (not that it wasn’t when I left). 13,000 people 42 buildings 80 acres and I haven’t seen all of it yet. When I started working for Infosys at Bangalore we had 18 buildings with number 19, 20, 21 being constructed and that was just three and half years back. The office doesn’t seize to amaze you every day you are there and it was no different this time around.

More on the Applications in my next post.

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