Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lets do it all over again

After considerable thought I decided to withdraw myself from the waitlist. I am sure many of you would be surprised with the decision, especially ones that were suggesting that I wait out till the end. However, I was wary of the time left to raise finances and arrange visa etc. At the same time I do entertain hopes of making it to the Harvards and Whartons of this world. At 25, I do have time on my side!

So, this means that I have to do this all over again. I am not that big a fan of the MBA process and I have first hand experience of how painful it can be. Having been through this once would help me plan it out better and also be more focused with my essays. A good successful year at work with more extra curricular activities should also help my candidature. Let’s see how things work out.

As always suggestions and comments are welcome.

Questions on my mind right now –

Which schools to target? (Primarily looking at Management and strategy consulting Should I write GMAT again? (First attempt – GMAT 700, Q50 V34, AWA 4.0 )
What should be my strategy/approach?
How many schools should I apply to?


Forrest Gump said...

good luck with the re-app process. you surely have time in hand, and i am hopeful that better things await you.

did you already find an answer to those questions of yours ?

Anonymous said...

all the best with your application. I can imagine what you will have to go through again. Meanwhile, you can bookmark I use it to share some of my application experience. I am going to Darden Business School in August 2006.

MGalBlue said...

Let me know if you need help with Ross. If you are going for SC or MC you should surely consider Ross.

Anonymous said...

hello friends
i am confused and need guidance;
whether an MBA from US is better than an MBA fro europe/UK?
in US the international candidates form roughly 30 to35% only and the whole MBA is dominated by Americans; wheres in INSEAD,LBS, SAID the international students are roughly 90% and the local population around 10%; don't u not think that gives a real INTERNATIONAL experience than an american experience
costwise also MBA in europe/UK is 10 to 15 months whereas in US it is 2 years.
work experience also may be 2to 3 years one can get into in europe but not in US.
i am still not clear which one to focus now?

Nivedita said...

Well..Anand, looks like we r in more or less the same boat..i am still on the Duke waitlist, but with every passing day, i am kinda losing hope :)..i might be reapping as well..unless Case Western (yea, i actually apped there) peps up my schol :).

Anonymous said...

hi all,

i am a fresh applicant to b-schools in US and elsewhere.

My profile is not very great and I am just 22 years of age.
GMAT- 610
Work ex- 2 years

I know , that I dont fall in the same gentry as u all do.

But i am considering Case Western, Baruch College, Rutgers, HEC paris, Ohio-Fisher to apply...

what would be my chances?
Or shall I wait for another year?

Please help!


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