Friday, December 15, 2006

Waitlisted at Tuck

Somehow I felt that this was going to happen but I don't feel any emotion as in dissapointment, relief or joy. I guess waitlist is supposed to do that to you i.e. confuse you. Tuck's note mentions that very few people(what is very few?) are waitlisted so that leads me to beleive that something might come out of this. FAQs suggest that they are not looking for supplemental material but for the candidate to show his interest in the program and the school. Not quite sure how to go about it but I better get started on my waitlist strategy now.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought :

Write them a really passionate letter including

1> Why you ABSOLUTELY LOVE Tuck (they may have waitlisted you maybe because they think they are not your first choice school, and you have the credentials to get 'better' admits)

2> Subtly weave in a small number of supplemental reasons why they should admit you

3> How you will be a GREAT ALUM , both illustrious and 'giving back' to Tuck years from now ( you have already done for your alma mater(?))

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand,

I agree with tuckatuck.

Show them what interests yiou about TUCK and how you can contribute..I know that u have done that in the apps..But just tell them more..

All the best on Tuck waitlist..Hope u will clear it.

The Caspian said...

Best of luck with the WL management!

Anonymous said...

boy you're better, I am almost dinged. not heard anything yet. applied in Nov

Anonymous said...

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