Sunday, March 26, 2006

Be Quick or be Dead

And I hope that I was quick. Quick in providing the supplemental material to my Tepper application. What would admission committee think of a waitlisted candidate who takes lot of time coming back with an update? – Not really interested!! Also, longer you wait lesser the chance of getting in as more and more seats get filled. I tried to get back with my supplement as soon as I could ready a decent write up.

I managed to cover the following
-Performance rating
-An exciting project at work
-Couple of certification courses in banking and securities that I have taken up
- My toastmaster’s progress
- reaffirmed my interest in tepper

and managed to keep all this to one page (approx 500 words). Whether my update went quick enough or was good enough, time will tell.


SG said...

All the best!

HakunaMatata said...

Best wishes man!! I got dings from Wharton and Kellogg, am waiting for the final nail in the coffin from HBS in two days.

SeePearrl said...

Wish you best of luck!

sorebrek said...

hey check this out:

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