Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: A Good Year

Accomplished in 2009

  • Graduated from top Business School
  • Got a job at the company I really wanted to work for
  • Backpacked across Europe covering 10 countries, 15 cities
  • Traveled more cities in the US
  • Spent good time with family
  • Read about 20 books both fiction and non-fiction including Politics, Philosophy, Society, Pschology and sciences
  • Watched over 50 movies and documentaries
  • Completed 3 big oil on canvas paintings
  • Moved to Australia
  • Started working and still have a job :)
  • Watched the NYE Sydney harbor bridge celebration (always wanted to do this one)
  • Abseiled for the first time
  • Snorkeled for the first time

Didn't accomplish
  • Not enough diversity in activities
  • Didnt learn a new skill
  • Wasn't able to learn spanish
  • Didn't spend enough time on sports. (in hind sight not as true. Did play lot of volleyball, some basketball and Tennis. Could have done more though)

Priorities for 2010

  • Trip to New Zealand – 10 days
  • Travel back home for holidays
  • Great barrier reef
  • Perth on a weekend
  • Planning south American backpack for 2011
  • One or two more random short trips

  • Get better at Salsa. Learn Tango or swing!
  • Learn surfing
  • Learn Spanish – Join classes?
  • Improve fitness
  • Some more outdoor activities and sports
  • Learn some non-Indian cooking
  • 3 more Oil paintings during the year
  • Exploring writing and documentary film-making
  • Read min 20 books, atleast 10 fiction/10 non-fiction
More as I think of them...
Skipping a few personal items from the list for obvious reasons.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Timeline for MBA applicants

I have been asked several times about whats required for an MBA applicant and by when. While I think every application should be doing a thorough reserach and acoming up a detailed list and plan, I have prepared a rough list to get one started. Please take this with a grain of salt as I applied almost 3 years back and I am writing this from memory.
June - July
  • Research schoolsread blogs
  • Get insight into different programs/best fit
  • Introspect - Why MBA, What after, is this the best choice, which regions?
  • Contact bloggers/current students to get thoughts clear, get better insight
  • Read MBA application books
  • GMAT/TOEFL prep
  • GMAT done
  • TOEFL done
  • Recommenders lined up
  • transripts secured
  • School list complete
  • Spreadsheet with requirements by school
  • Initial answers written down - Why MBA - What do you plan to do immediately after - Why schools - Short and long term goals - Strength and weaknesses - resume - Prep on 1- minute narrative
  • Sign up for MBA roadshows, school admission events
  • Visits - Round 1 and 2 schools
  • Networking with current students and alumni/Admission events
  • Round 1 (Essays, recommendations, Application forms)
Oct End - Round 1 applications complete
  • Networking with current students and alumni
  • Round 2(Essays, recommendations, Application forms)
  • Round 1 - Interviews
Dec End - Round 2 applications complete
Jan-Feb - Round 2 interviews

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