Monday, February 12, 2007

In at Darden!

For over 2 years I have read blog postings after blog postings on applicants excitedly sharing the results of their Hard work. "I am in", "I got the call", "my status changed..."
I always wondered when my time would come and how it would be like.
My time has come.

I am in at DARDEN

It is yet to sink in though. I was expecting this call but still feel a state of inertia on the celeberation front. Today I got my mailed offer letters, I browsed the incoming student website, i have joined the discussion and the realisation is beginning to sink in. Few months from now I will be back in school.

However, I am still awaiting Duke and Harvard results and of course waiting on the Tuck waitlist. I will withdraw from Tepper(Waitlisted for the Second time)

Finally i would like to say or rather shout"yuuuhoooooo I am in, I am in!!"

P.S> I can't believe that I don't have to write anymore essays. It was was becoming second nature like eating or sleeping

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