Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reader's corner

This is an attempt to capture and critic some books I have read and would recommend. I will try to keep this updated with what I am currently reading.

Here is a list to start off. Reviews will come later.

Recently Read

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance(Philosophy)* - Robert M. Pirsig
Ultimate Question(Business)** - Fred Reichfeld
Lesson from Private Equity(Business)** - Orit Gadiesh
Elegant Universe(Physics)*** - Brian Greene
Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman(Biography)*** - Richard P. Feynman
The Ten Day MBA(Management)** - Steven Silbiger
The Goal (management)*** - Eliyatu Goldratt
The Google story(Business)**** - David Vise
The God of Small Things(Fiction)*** - Arundathi Roy
Survivor(Fiction, Philosophy)** – Chuck palahniuk
Black Bodies and Quantum cats(Physics)***** - Jennifer Ouellette
History of Philosophy(Philosophy)**** - Julian Marias
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Self Improvement, Philosophy)** - Richard Bach
Globalization and Its Discontents (Economics, Politics, Globalization)**** - Joseph E. Stiglitz
Fight Club (Fiction, Philosophy)**** – Chuck palahniuk
Sense and Sensibility (Literature)**** – Jane Austen
The Broker (Fiction)*** – John Grisham
Atlas Shrugged (Fiction, Philosophical)**** – Ayn Rand
The Prometheus Deception (Fiction, Thriller)*** – Robert Ludlum
Monk who sold his Ferrari (Self improvement)***** – Robin S sharma
Who moved my cheese (Self improvement)** – Spencer Johnson
Sons of Fortune (Fiction, Thriller)*** – Jeffery Archer
Prison diary (Autobiography)*** – Jeffrey Archer
Jason Directive (Fiction, Thriller)*** – Robert Ludlum
A Painted House (Fiction)** – John Grisham

Old time favorites

The Greek Key**** – Colin Forbes
Kane and Abel***** – Jeffrey Archer
Day of the jackal**** - Fredrick Forsyth
Fourth Protocol**** – Fredrick Forsyth
Bourne ultimatum**** – Robert Ludlum
Juggernaut**** – Desmond Bagley
Landslide**** – Desmond Bagley
The Spy who came in from the Cold***** – John Le Carre


asiangal said...

I've only had time to finish one whole book and around half a dozen "half books" this year so far ... with a few "gap months" in between work and b-school I'm hoping to squeeze in a little bit of reading myself ... your list looks like an interesting source of ideas. Cheers! =)

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